Everyone has a story to tell. As we practice physical-distancing during this COVID19 pandemic, it becomes even more important to connect with each other so as not to become socially isolated. This page gives you an opportunity to share your story. Send us your story by emailing it to:


As stories come in, your story could be posted to this page as a way to encourage others, to pass along a word of praise, or just to share what is happening in your life or share your feelings.

Shared Stories

Pastor, wanted to drop you a note to say we are praying for you at the North American Mission Board as well as your dear church during these unpreceded times we find ourselves in. Know you are loved and valued by us. I pray the Lord’s continued blessings on you as you continue to lead.

“Lord, I pray for this dear Pastor and his church family during this unpreceded time we are faced with. I am glad we have the assurance during this time to know that You are in absolute control of this situation. I pray that you would meet every need this dear church has. I pray also that you would minister TO them and then THRU them for Christ’ sake. Minister to this Pastor and his family and grant to them all the desires of their heart that are in keeping with Your perfect will for them. Do in and through this church what only you can do. In Jesus name I make my prayer. AMEN AND AMEN” 

Jim Law, Pastor Relations

North American Mission Board


I have to share something with you and give you a chuckle...my daughter, Julie, called today to tell me that [her son] lost another tooth. (He reminds me of Beaver off of Leave It To Beaver)). [He] told his mom and dad he lost a tooth. They told him to put it in a baggie under his pillow which he did. Morning came and the tooth was still there. Disappointed he showed his mom. She thought, oh no, what do I tell him now. She explained that because of the coronavirus the tooth fairly must have slowed down being careful to not spread the virus. [He] said, "That makes sense." Julie said, "I bet she's trying to keep social distancing, so why don't you put your tooth in your shoe and put it on the bar stool. That way you and the tooth fairy are safe." He said, "Okay mom." In the morning he made sure to check, and the tooth was gone and there was $5 in his shoe. [The boy] was a happy camper! - Ruth


It is so easy to get discouraged when the shadows seem bigger than life. You know what I’m talking about those in the valley of the shadow of death. It doesn’t help that we have an enemy who delights in seeing us squirm! Pastor John reminded us Wednesday evening that the shadows give us a false impression of who we really are or what the trouble really is and that all we have to do is turn around to see the light. We were reminded too of the verse in Philippians 4:8 which tells us what we really should be thinking about (I will let you look it up to save a little space here – include verses 4-9 they are all good) When I look away from the shadows and turn toward the light these are the good things I noticed:

  • When I work from home I can do it in my PJs!
  • I’m having more phone conversations with friends I was too busy to call before.
  • I have more time to work on DIY projects around the house – I’m painting one of our bedrooms.
  • I have more opportunity to lift another’s spirit with an encouraging word.
  • Front porch sittin’.
  • Watching parents play catch in the street with their kids or families riding bicycles together.
  • I get to learn new things like ZOOM!
  • I’ve discovered a creative way to help someone on the front lines – I’m making masks.
  • Of course extra practice of Philippians 4:4-9

Looking forward to HUGS - Gina