Prayer Requests

Prayers of Praise:

Before the mountains were born, before you gave birth to the earth and the world, from beginning to end, you are God. (Psalm 90:2)

Prayers for God’s Continued Guidance and Peace:

Prayers for people to use common sense and caution while the economy reopens.

Prayers for our country as we face and deal with long-standing prejudice. Prayers that Christians will take the lead in guiding us out of this persistent darkness and into a world where all are treated with kindness and love.

Prayers of Sympathy:

Friends and Family of Ruth Avila’s brother who passed away.

Prayers for General Needs:

Ruth Avila’s daughter who has just been diagnosed with cancer.

Robert Wood — back in hospital after heart surgery (Janice Wood’s son)

Seanne Adams — brain aneurism, testing to determine treatment (John Gregory’s sister)

The unsaved in our community

East Tucson Baptist Church Family


Prayers for Those with Cancer: (alpha by first name)

Cecelia Thomas — cancer (Thomas-daughter in law) 

Ron Troy—recurrence of cancer (Holcomb)

Dr. Scott—cancer (Cornelius)


Missionaries Associated With ETBC:

Meg & Chris Bluto — Wales

Edward & Pailin Elder — SE Asia

Carl Erbe — back in the states from Japan

Carrie & Dan Rifenbark — Globe, AZ

Jan Turner — back in the states from Mexico


Election Year Prayers for America

The Candidates — Week 5

By now we have learned a great deal about all the candidates for various offices — their past, backgrounds, family life. While we cannot expect any one to have lived without any mistakes, we must each decide: are their actions consistent with Biblical principles; do they display a moral character; do I agree with their values and ethics.

Pray this week for candidates, that:

† They would present themselves in an honest, forth-right manner.

† They would show their true moral character to the American people.

† They would value, uphold and demonstrate Biblical principles.



Please note:  This content is taken from various sources and not meant to endorse or promote any political viewpoint, candidate, agenda, or party. The intent is simply to lead you into thoughtful prayer during the election process.