Prayer Requests

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Prayers of Praise:

Pray at all times and on every occasion in the power of the Holy Spirit. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all Christians everywhere. Ephesians 6:18 (NLT)


Prayers for General Needs:

The unsaved in our community

Prayers for God to pour out His Spirit on the U.S. causing a Spiritual Awakening

East Tucson Baptist Church Family

Eric and Diane Harshbarger — Ongoing health issues (v. Fanta)

Becky Zaldivar — Traveling mercies, daughter’s baby arrived a week early

Pastor John — health issues and weight loss

Sherry Schaffer’s — back pain and ongoing medical issues

Office Staff — pray God will provide the right person for our vacancy in the office


Prayers for Those with Cancer:

Colleen Busboom-Green — recurrence of cancer

Sara (Satour) Langford —27 y/o with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer (office)

Mark Macleod — cancer (S. Macleod)

Mike Mauldin — cancer (Fanta)

Mary Ann Myrick — cancer (Hoover)

Julie Phillips — breast cancer (Ruth Avila’s daughter)

Mark T. — terminal brain cancer (office)

Cecelia Thomas — cancer (Thomas-daughter in law)

Missionaries Associated With ETBC:

Meg & Chris Bluto — home from Wales beginning a new church plant

Edward & Pailin Elder — SE Asia

Carl Erbe — home from Japan

Carrie & Dan Rifenbark — Globe, AZ

Jan Turner — Returning to Mexico soon


Prayers for NAMB Missionaries

Mike & Amy Smith, Command Chaplain; Carrier Air Wing One, NAS Oceana, VA

Pray: I will have the boldness to clearly share the gospel with the most junior sailors and Marines as well as the most senior officers in my circle of influence. Pray that I will do what is right and be professional as a military officer and a chaplain.


Prayers for Persecuted Church:

World Watch List #17 — China


The church in China continues to enjoy strong growth; however, life for Christians is anything but straightforward. The policy of “Sinicizing” the church has been implemented nationwide, as the Communist Party limits whatever it perceives as a threat to its rule and ideology. Thousands of churches have been damaged or closed. In some parts of China, children under the age of 18 aren’t allowed to attend church—part of the country’s efforts to stunt future growth.


• Ask the Lord to give church leaders wisdom, discernment and guidance as they lead congregations in light of increased restrictions and surveillance.

• Lift up in prayer all who have left their former religion to follow Jesus. Pray they will be protected from harm, strengthened in their faith and empowered in their witness.

• Ask the Lord to open the eyes of those in authority to the unequalled power and beauty of the gospel.

 Taken from 2021 World Watch List

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