Prayer Requests

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Prayer of Praise:

Sing to the Lord, for he has done wonderful things.

Make known his praise around the world.

(Isaiah 12:5)


Prayers for God’s Continued Guidance and Peace:

The unsaved in our community

Prayers for God to pour out His Spirit on the U.S. causing a Spiritual Awakening

East Tucson Baptist Church Family


Prayers for General Needs:

Candice Coppedge — having to be induced; she is scared. (Macleod Family)

Bob Ozier — surgery was a success, prayers for fast healing. (Joy O.)

Dyanika Campos — loss of boyfriend unexpectedly, needs strength. (Lynda H.)

Pastor Edward Lee — cousin passed away. (Ruth A.)

Ruth Avila — prayers for safe travels. (Joy O.)

Faith (Lorri’s Granddaughter) — relief of substance abuse. (Lorri C.)

Trish — radiation treatments starting soon. (Thorn Family)

Jason Clark — strength to teach and manage classes successfully this year. (email request)

Hepsi G. — pray for salvation for older brother, wife and children. (email request)

Phil Chavez — prayers for mother, Lorraine, for healing and health. (email request)

April B. — pray for husband, Eric, be delivered & build relationship with Christ. (email request)


Prayers for Those with Cancer:

Colleen Busboom-Green — recurrence of cancer (office)

Sharon Fuller — pancreatic cancer (Liz Macleod)

Jeff — cancer and treatment (Beth H.)

Mark Macleod — cancer (S. Macleod)

Mary Ann Myrick — cancer (Hoover)

Julie Phillips — breast cancer (Ruth Avila’s daughter)

Darnell Strayhan — cancer and emphysema; never smoked (Becky Z.)

Mark T. — terminal brain cancer (office)

Cecelia Thomas — cancer (Thomas-daughter in law)


Missionaries Associated With ETBC:

Carl Erbe — Japan

Carrie & Dan Rifenbark — Globe, AZ

Jan Turner — Mexico

Meg & Chris Bluto — Louisiana

Edward & Pailin Elder — SE Asia


Prayers for NAMB Missionaries

Ryan & Tricia McCammack, Church Planter

Gospel Hope Church– Avondale Estates, GA

Pray that God will help our church to display the reconciling hope of the gospel in the midst of our divided culture. Pray that God will give us wisdom as we prepare to send out our first church plant to the Dominican Republic.


Prayers for Persecuted Church:


What does persecution look like in Jordan?

Compared to Christians living in other Middle Eastern countries, most Christians in Jordan enjoy a relatively high level of religious freedom, but Christians from Muslim backgrounds in particular can encounter opposition. If a Christian from a Muslim background publicly declares their faith, this can lead to beatings, arrest or even death.

The state exerts pressure on all Christian communities, especially through monitoring. Unrecognized churches can face harassment by public authorities, particularly those that actively evangelize. Christians who actively share their faith, or help converts, can face hostility. The presence of Islamic extremists, including returning jihadists from Syria and Iraq, continues to pose a threat to the Christian community.


Meet “Tareq”

“When [the leader of a Bible study group prayed with me], I felt the Holy Spirit being poured out into me. That moment changed my life. I used to be a bully, a troublemaker. But now I am a committed member of these groups, joining the Bible study meetings twice a week. I am a new creation now in Jesus Christ. I look more and more like Him.”


What has changed this year?

Despite dropping a place in the World Watch List, hostility toward Christians has marginally increased. There has been a rise in reported incidents of violence and less acceptance of public expressions of Christian faith, such as openly displaying Bible verses.


PRAY for Jordan

· Pray that Christians from Muslim backgrounds will be equipped, encouraged and empowered to stand strong and flourish in their faith.

· Ask God opportunities to increasingly open up for Christians to tell others about Jesus.

· Pray the Lord will continue to raise up new leaders to serve the Jordanian church.


Taken from 2022 World Watch List

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