Prayer Requests

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Prayers of Praise:

The Lord is merciful and compassionate, slow to get angry and filled with unfailing love.

(Psalm 145:8)


Prayers for God’s Continued Guidance and Peace:

The unsaved in our community

Prayers for God to pour out His Spirit on the U.S. causing a Spiritual Awakening

East Tucson Baptist Church Family


Prayers for General Needs:

Heather Fanta — Complete healing of her back (V. Fanta)

Nina Mauldin — Recovering from knee surgery (V. Fanta)

Rhonda — Prayer for a rental home (S. Macleod)

Lottie Darby — Health issues with her knee (B. Lloyd)

Prudy Cain — Surgery is schedule in a couple of weeks to replace a heart valve (J. Ozier)

Janice Wood — hospitalized this week as her legs gave-out

Seeking a smooth transition as Corrine Davis is joining the Office as our Ministry Assistant


Prayers for Those with Cancer:

Colleen Busboom-Green — recurrence of cancer

Sara (Satour) Langford — 28 y/o with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer (office)

Mark Macleod — cancer (S. Macleod)

Mary Ann Myrick — cancer (Hoover)

Julie Phillips — breast cancer (Ruth Avila’s daughter)

Mark T. — terminal brain cancer (office)

Cecelia Thomas — cancer (Thomas-daughter in law)


Missionaries Associated With ETBC:

Meg & Chris Bluto — home from Wales beginning a new church plant in Texas

Edward & Pailin Elder — SE Asia

Carl Erbe — home from Japan

Jan Turner — Returning to Mexico soon


Prayers for NAMB Missionaries

Isaac & Hannah Surh, Church Planter, Chroma Church, Columbus, OH

Pray that God would use Chroma Church to be a light in the darkness and a voice for justice in the city and that Chroma would be a home to people of many colors.


Prayers for Persecuted Church:

World Watch List #23 — Turkmenistan


Persecution against Christians in this repressive Islamic state comes largely from the government and from society. The government

imposes many restrictions on church life. Unless their churches are registered, Christians are highly susceptible to police raids, threats,

arrests and fines. The printing or importing of Christian materials is also restricted. Believers who come from Mu slim backgrounds experience intense pressure from families, friends and villagers to deny their faith.


• Pray for an easing of heavy restrictions on churches in Turkmenistan.

• Pray for the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of church leaders, who live and lead under intense government pressure.

• Ask that believers who come to Christ from Muslim backgrounds will be guarded from harm, and that families, friends and villagers will be powerfully impacted by the transformation in their lives.


Taken from 2021 World Watch List

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