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Prayers of Praise:

And I know that whatever God does is final.

Nothing can be added to it or taken from it. God's purpose is that people should fear him. (Ecclesiastes 3:14)


Prayers for God’s Continued Guidance and Peace:

The unsaved in our community

Prayers for God to pour out His Spirit on the U.S. causing a Spiritual Awakening

East Tucson Baptist Church Family


Prayers for General Needs:

Priddy Family — prayers for loss of loved one in Oregon. (T. Thorn)

Pailin Elder — prayers for body pain and numbness. Reason unknown to dr’s. (Elder Family)

Phil Bumbacher — started cancer treatment. (Uncle Ernie)

Robert Crawford — heart failure. (daughter Liz)

Joan Gregory — broken hip. (Charles G.)


Prayers for Those with Cancer:

Jeff — cancer and treatment (Beth H.)

Colleen Busboom-Green — recurrence of cancer (office)

Sharon Fuller — pancreatic cancer (Liz Macleod)

Mark Macleod — cancer (S. Macleod)

Mary Ann Myrick — cancer (Hoover)

Julie Phillips — breast cancer (Ruth Avila’s daughter)

Darnell Strayhan — cancer and emphysema; never smoked (Becky Z.)

Mark T. — terminal brain cancer (office)

Cecelia Thomas — cancer (Thomas-daughter in law)

Missionaries Associated With ETBC:

Carl Erbe — Japan

Carrie & Dan Rifenbark — Globe, AZ

Jan Turner — Mexico

Meg & Chris Bluto — Texas

Edward & Pailin Elder — SE Asia


Prayers for NAMB Missionaries

Richard & Faith Anderson, Chaplain

Command Chaplain, Colonel, USAF – Hurlburt, FL

Pray that my family and I will faithfully fulfill the Lord’s plan and purpose for our lives.


Prayers for Persecuted Church:


What does persecution look like in Morocco?

Article 220 of Morocco’s penal code criminalizes “shaking the faith of a Muslim.” The law puts many Christians, both Moroccan and foreign, who talk to others about their faith at risk of arrest and criminal prosecution. Christians rights advocates have also been targeted by the Moroccan government for their activities and threatened with violent attacks by Islamic extremists. While the law only punishes proselytizing, Moroccan converts to Christianity can be punished in other ways, like losing inheritance rights and custody of their children.

Meet “Nadeen” and “Fatima”

Both young women became Christians in college. When they told their parents about their newfound faith, they were beaten for shaming the family. Finally, under constant pressure, both girls pretended to return to Islam to maintain peace in their families. But they both continue to believe in Jesus in secret. They meet with other believers on a day other than Sunday to avoid further punishment. “If my father found out, he’d kill me,” Nadeen said. And she means it literally.

What has changed this year?

The outlook for Christians in Morocco has worsened this year in Morocco. Pressure increased across the board and violence even rose because several believers were forced to leave the country during the reporting period. Life for Christians in Morocco remains very difficult.


PRAY for Morocco

· Pray with isolated believers in Morocco who must sustain their faith alone or risk house arrest, physical attacks, arrest and imprisonment. Ask the Lord to draw close to His people and fill their hearts with the knowledge of His presence and love.

· Pray for tolerance of faiths other than Islam in Moroccan society, with freedom to gather and strengthen congregations that benefit the country as a whole.

· Ask God to guide and protect our local partners in Morocco as they reach out to believers who are rejected by their Muslim families or community.


Taken from 2022 World Watch List

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