Prayer Requests

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Prayers of Praise:

No one is holy like the Lord!  There is no one besides you; there is no Rock like our God. (1 Samuel 2:2)


Prayers for God’s Continued Guidance and Peace:

The unsaved in our community

Prayers for God to pour out His Spirit on the U.S. causing a Spiritual Awakening

East Tucson Baptist Church Family


Prayers for General Needs:

Bobbi Lloyd’s Grandson — needs healing from the Lord. (B. Lloyd)

Lena & Trisha — missing, prayers to find them. (Macleod Family)

Liz Macleod — hair falling out. (Macleod Family)

Dennis, Duen, and Sarah’s Landlord Xai — pray for salvation. (Elder Family)

Gia Magrady — kidneys, strength and recovery. (Corrine)

James Jones — fell and fractured spine. (Corrine)

Cordero Howard— Medical Recovery at home. (Mike K.)


Prayers for Those with Cancer:

Jeff — cancer and treatment (Beth H.)

Colleen Busboom-Green — recurrence of cancer

Sharon Fuller — pancreatic cancer (Liz Macleod)

Sara (Satour) Langford — 28 y/o with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer (office)

Mark Macleod — cancer (S. Macleod)

Mary Ann Myrick — cancer (Hoover)

Julie Phillips — breast cancer (Ruth Avila’s daughter)

Rachel Quezada — Battling Bile Duct cancer

Darnell Strayhan — cancer and emphysema; never smoked (Becky Z.)

Mark T. — terminal brain cancer (office)

Cecelia Thomas — cancer (Thomas-daughter in law)


Missionaries Associated With ETBC:

Carl Erbe — Japan

Carrie & Dan Rifenbark — Globe, AZ

Jan Turner — Mexico

Meg & Chris Bluto — Wales

Edward & Pailin Elder — SE Asia


Prayers for NAMB Missionaries

Jacob & Francine Zailian, Church Planter

Set Free Sanger Church, Sanger, CA


Pray for God to continue to reach the lost as our church serves those in need in our community and those facing homelessness and addiction.


Prayers for Persecuted Church:

World Watch List #43 — Bhutan


In Bhutan, the government assumes that all citizens are Buddhist. Anyone who converts to Christianity is watched with suspicion, and efforts are usually made to bring them back to their former religion. Religious leaders, the local community and family often cooperate in this. No Christian church in Bhutan has official government recognition—all Christians who worship together are technically worshipping illegally.



• The Bhutanese church is divided. Please pray for unity, peace and understanding among the churches in Bhutan.

• Pray for the Christians in Bhutan to remain true and strong in their faith, in the face of Buddhism’s strong influence in the country.

• Please pray for churches in central-south Bhutan. Most are constantly monitored by authorities, hindering or even preventing worship and fellowship gatherings.

Taken from 2021 World Watch List

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