We are a Kingdom-Focused Church that is joining God on His mission, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, and making disciples. These disciples become more like Jesus, and begin transforming their community and the world for the kingdom of God. To achieve this, we must be empowered by the Holy Spirit, innovative to advance the Gospel, develop as disciple-making disciples, maintain doctrinal integrity, lovingly handle conflict effectively, be submissive to godly leaders, and sacrificially give ourselves away.

Biblical Authority – We value the Bible as the only inerrant and sufficient source of the truth as the standard for all we believe and what we do.

Great Commission – We value the mandate of making disciples of Jesus Christ as the ultimate purpose for our lives and our church.

Prayer – We value prayer as the expression of our dependence on God for guidance, power, and protection in work we do together.

Our Church – We value our church (the local body of believes known as East Tucson Baptist Church) as God’s divinely established instrument for making disciples (evangelism with continual spiritual growth and maturity) and for starting new churches.

Unity in Diversity – We value all people, from all settings and culture, working together in unity and cooperation. God gifts each of us through His Holy Spirit for a purpose and provides power to fulfill the purpose of that gift. Therefore, we have unity in diversity.

Worship – We value worship as a way of corporately and individually loving God more and knowing Him better; worship is our response to God’s love and offering ourselves to Him.

Innovation – We value innovative methods of ministry that leads to greater effectiveness and relevance in making an impact on our community and culture.