East Tucson is a Kingdom-Focused Church working together to reach and teach people about God’s love by faith in Jesus Christ, through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

What do I need to know about East Tucson Baptist Church?

East Tucson is committed to being real and relevant. We strive to be honest about our love for God and our desire for people to connect with Him. Regardless of your age or your position in life, we have something uniquely tailored with you in mind. If you're currently involved in a church that is meeting your spiritual needs, we are happy for you and encourage you to carry on where you are. If you're seeking God and looking for a church with down-to-earth terms, good music, and relevant messages, then East Tucson is an option for you. Please consider this an invitation to explore spiritual life in a non-threatening atmosphere with us at East Tucson Baptist Church